20 Amazing Facts About Casual Fashion

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Below is a collection of, some of the most amazing an incredible facts about  contemporary fashion :

1. Like 4 grand-slams in tennis there are four most popular fashion show around the world. These are as follows – First in New York then London, consecutively in Milan and the last but not the least, is in Paris.

2. We Indians are very fond of cotton clothing (which actually suits well to our hot and humid subtropical climate). In fact, the earliest cotton in the world was spun and worn in Jambudweep (Ancient India). At that time cotton was exported to even far fetched lands like Rome.

3. One amazing thing is, at that time, people wore clothes without stitching even when they had proper knowledge about stitching.

4. Due to their very high popularity in the regions of Punjab, salwar kameez and kurtis are often called Punjabi Suit, although they are worn across North and Central India.Even with the advent of western clothing, they are still very much in fashion today, in Indian subtext. You can try and buy ladies kurtis online here.

5. Gold can't be separated from the hearts of Indian women.Not limited to the ethnic wear, but Indian women also love to accessorize their casual outfit with with a  little bit of gold jewelery. India is the largest gold consumer country in the world.

6. Famous shoe brands Puma and Adidas were started by brothers which rivaled against each others after the first world war.

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7. Jeans actually started off as a factory worker's clothing. Today it has become, one of the biggest contemporary fashion icons.

8. Dresses and skirts are commonly seen as women’s clothing, but in many parts of the world, men wear them as much swag as women do. (Like checkered Scottish Skirts and modified South Indian form of Lungis).

9. The fashion industry on this planet, generates an average revenue of 1.33 lakh crore rupees per annum.

10. False eyelashes were first invented in 1916 by Hollywood heavyweight producer, D.W. Griffit (honored as inventor of Hollywood)

11. The first modern avatar of perfume was launched by Coco Chanel in 1921.

12. Napoleon Bonaparte, first ordered for buttons to be attached to the jacket/coat sleeves, so as to stop soldiers from wiping off their running noses with it.

13. Umbrellas were initially developed to protect people from sunshine instead of Rain.

14. The crocodile figure of the brand ‘Lacoste’ was the first brand name to appear as a logo on any
branded clothing.

15. Fashion Shows/Weeks, which were originally started as B2B related meetings for sellers, buyers and manufacturers .They have now become highly publicized media events, which attract celebrities, movie stars, fashionistas and high society (Page 3) gentry .

16. Lakme Fashion Week- Mumbai is considered to be the most important event of Indian Fashion fraternity. Now, there are a couple of other fashion weeks organized in the country.

17. Are you aware that one of the key ingredients in manufacturing lipstick is fish scales. So next time, watch-out for the packaging cramp information precisely before applying it?

18. The longest wedding dress has a back trail that is 3 kms long. It used 5 kms of taffeta fabric and 18 feet of lace to manufacture it.

19. The first fashion magazine was published in Germany in 1586.

20. High heels were originally worn by men. It was worn by the shooters and archers for balancing their foots precisely, before targeting.

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